Extens completes a strategic merger to create Amblea

Back Published on 27/06/2023

Extens supports Sanilea in its merger with Ambler to create the leading digital platform to manage and optimize medical transportation.

The merger will represent a crucial step to reach the critical size required to successfully carry out its project to optimize transportation on a regional scale. Indeed, the new company will operate with close to 900 healthcare institutions and 6,000 medical transportation companies.

Previously competing against each other, the two challengers in medical transportation have developed complementary features, making this merger an obvious outcome. 
On the one hand, Sanilea, a pioneer and expert in medical transportation, stood out in the public sector as the only platform to win a regional tender offer.
On the other, Ambler, a young challenger, outpaced the competition by winning key contracts with private hospital groups with the development of highly innovative features for its platform (management of shortages, order optimization, etc.).

In 2024, this merger will give rise to a single service and a new brand: Amblea.

At a time when the hospital sector is under extreme pressure and in the face of a tight budgetary situation for medical transporters, the new group is transforming into a 'Mission-led Company' to make its contribution to the cause. Introduced in France in 2019 under the Pacte Law, a 'Mission-led Company' (‘société à mission’ in French) must define its "raison d'être" and one or more social, societal, or environmental objectives beyond profit. The objectives are aligned with the purpose and set out in its by-laws. The entity new raison d'être: "to contribute to the efficiency of the care pathway and the sustainability of the healthcare system, in the face of economic and climatic challenges, by optimizing patient transportation."
« As Sanilea celebrates its 10th anniversary, this merger brings together experience and innovation. Sanilea provides its functional depth and expertise to the organization of medical transportation, while Ambler adss its technology and optimization know-how. This alliance will enable the group to achieve the critical mass required to accelerate digitalization in this demanding market. »