Investment strategy

The digitalisation of health is at the heart of what we do.

Extens is fully dedicated to the e-health market, with a particular focus on publishers of B2B and B2C healthcare software. Those software solutions are created in response to identified needs, and are helping modernise practices. The greatest potential is in healthcare-software publishing, because it is where high-value data is gathered: This is where talented entrepreneurs are inventing new agile and scalable solutions.

Identifying the right companies to invest in is the crucial initial step. Thanks to our exclusive focus on digital health, we have developed expertise in the ecosystem that allows us to be extremely selective in our investments.

Extens’ value-creation strategy is simple:

Step 1

Identify companies with the greatest potential

Step 2

Support those companies as they work towards realising an ambitious vision

Step 3

Put those companies on the radar of strategic buyers

We select the best SMEs led by people who have proven their talent and who have a clear strategic vision.