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The digital transformation of health systems in Europe: an investment opportunity

A fast-growing market:

  • In France, the value-creation potential for the e-health market is estimated to be between €16 billion and €22 billion in five to ten years, with health spending at €217 billion.
  • Some sectors are experiencing high growth and offer very attractive investment opportunities: clinical information systems (+9.7% annual growth in France), patient records and applications (+25.5%), telemedicine (+61.4%). Companies offering digital solutions for health professionals are seeing their revenue grow 12% on average every year.
  • That strong growth is stimulated by the chronic deficit of France’s health-insurance system, the growing dependent population, the development of chronic diseases and medical desertification.
  • That growth has only just begun: The value of the global digital-health market will likely rise 62% to $234.5 billion by 2023, and 75% of health-companies’ management is looking to invest in AI over the next three years.

Extens’ ambition is to help talented companies become leaders in the digitalisation of our health systems.

There are many French software publishers specialising in health. With the right support, the most talented ones can quickly become industry leaders in France and Europe.

The digitalisation of the health system presents a tremendous investment opportunity. In France, there are over 300 SMEs in the sector with an established customer base, plus hundreds of start-ups emerging in different areas of e-health. These companies are an important source of value creation for the years to come.

Multiple needs - Tried and tested business models

The digitalisation of health is particularly active in five areas:

An industry abuzz with technological innovation

Artificial intelligence will revolutionise certain processes. Impressive progress is also being made in medical imaging, interoperability of information systems, traceability of goods and people, smart sensors, electronic health records, etc.

An extremely dynamic private-equity market

The private-equity market is clear in its verdict. The volume and overall value of transactions in e-health has risen sharply over the past several years. Nearly €500 million was invested in France in 2019. By 2023, investment will exceed €1 billion. The positioning of Extens, the first fund in France exclusively dedicated to SMEs in digital health, is therefore particularly relevant in this context.