A focus on digital health and healthcare software

We have chosen to focus entirely on healthcare software.

The digitalisation of our health system is now in full swing. The health sector requires dedicated solutions, and software publishers need to have a solid structure in order to expand and grow. For these reasons, we have chosen to specialise in digital health.

The digitalisation of health systems offers a tremendous opportunity that is in line with the challenges faced by developed countries, such as: controlling costs, providing care for ageing populations, new care pathways for chronic diseases, and maintaining access to care despite medical desertification. The market in Europe is worth €15 billion a year, with double-digit growth year after year.

We are helping build tomorrow’s information systems.

At the heart of this trend, new players are emerging, businesses are reinventing themselves and entrepreneurs are engaging in innovation. The most promising companies are the ones that are helping build tomorrow’s information systems, whether they are software publishers or data platforms. The innovations apply to a wide variety of areas, such as medical imaging, patient records, diagnostic assistance, and mobility of health professionals, and will help improve care, ensure medical efficacy and optimise costs.

The healthcare-software sector is experiencing rapid growth, and now is the time for decisions to be made. Software publishers implementing the best strategies will have the greatest success. The sector needs specialised and experienced companies, and deserves a dedicated investor. That is Extens’ purpose.

Healthcare institutions

Supporting and implementing hospital information systems (HIS)

Home care

Solutions for providing care at home to dependent persons, persons suffering from chronic disease and people who have been discharged from hospital


CRM, research and development, regulatory management, the Bertrand Law, cohorts and panels, etc.

Healthcare professionals

Tools for health professionals: doctor's offices, dispensaries, medical laboratories, radiology centres, nurses, etc.


Applications and web solutions for information-sharing or data collection, etc.


Secure hosting of patient data, interoperability, decision-making assistance, big data, deep learning

We identify and support the best talent

At Extens, our specialisation allows us to identify and develop tomorrow’s leaders so that we can help them quickly and effectively execute their strategy.


Detecting tomorrow’s leaders, sector by sector, requires in-depth expertise and active participation in the ecosystem. Extens covers more than 300 software publishers and performs detailed analyses of over fifty investment opportunities each year to identify the most promising ones.


Value creation depends not only on sound investment choices, but also on the execution of our portfolio companies’ strategy within a complex ecosystem: resistance to change, interoperability constraints, regulations, competition, barriers to entry. That complexity is an opportunity for the companies in our portfolio: Substantial returns are possible, but they are reserved for the best and require committed support.


At Extens, our mission is to offer our portfolio companies our knowledge of the market, our expertise in healthcare-software publishing, the experience of our investment professionals, and our extensive connections in the ecosystem. Extens has a network of experts, specialised consultants and operational managers.


Serving the ambitions of each company involves providing operational support, organising an efficient marketing system, developing software solutions that are in line with market demand, and supporting external growth and international expansion. Structuring companies for growth – that is the challenge we set for ourselves at Extens.

Transforming today’s top talent into tomorrow’s industry leaders

Our expertise in e-health allows us to help managers realise their strategic vision and maximise their company’s potential. We are transforming today’s top talent into tomorrow’s industry leaders.

The companies in our portfolio are working to bring about big changes in the industry. Our objective is to help them expand in terms of size and geographic reach, while improving the structuring of their resources, their product and service offering, their impact on the healthcare system, and their operational and financial performance.

At Extens, we want those companies to become leaders and to have a social impact in terms of quality of care and cost control, as well as working conditions and procedures for healthcare personnel.

By helping today’s top talent become tomorrow’s drivers of change, we are serving the interests of the companies we support, their staff and shareholders… and the entire healthcare system.