Investment criteria

SMEs with innovative solutions

Extens invests exclusively in companies that publish software or data platforms, that are in the healthcare market, that generate between €2 million and €50 million in revenue, and that are profitable or close to being profitable.

We invest in companies with a ticket between €3 million and €15 million, in shares or convertible bonds or any other means meeting the objectives of the management and the entrepreneurial project.

These SMEs (French or European) are selected for their value-creation potential, based on the development of the offer, geographic expansion or the implementation of strategic partnerships.

Companies with high growth potential

Their business model must be able to offer recurring and resilient revenue streams. The development of SaaS/cloud offers is at the heart of the strategic vision for the companies in our portfolio.

As part of Extens’ commitment to ESG, the companies must have demonstrated their ability to implement the principles of CSR (corporate social responsibility) and commit to making progress.

Extens is capable of organising growth-capital operations and transmission operations with a majority or minority ownership position.

The liquidity horizon is variable, generally between three and six years. The exit strategy is discussed with management from the outset, as alignment on this issue is one of the determining factors in the investment decision.

Our goal is to detect investments where our expertise and involvement will be seen by company directors as a key factor to their success.