Extens supports 1-0-1 (“One-O-One”), the first international endowment fund dedicated to resuscitation

Back Published on 24/04/2023

Over the course of his life, an individual will be admitted twice to an intensive care unit, on average. This is the specialty that intervenes as soon as a patient's life is in danger, regardless of the accident or illness that is life-threatening.

1-0-1's ambition is to advance resuscitation worldwide by accelerating the implementation of best practices and discoveries through the first international digital platform based on A.I. It is connected to more than 1,200 services worldwide and managed by an international scientific committee composed of personalities behind some of the greatest advances in resuscitation.

By supporting 1-0-1, you are helping intensive care professionals to offer a "second" life to a patient that faces a life-threatening condition, with the best chance of a full recovery.

This cause was dear to the heart of Dominique Mercier, a long-time friend, and partner of Extens who left us at the beginning of the year after having presided over the destiny of Bow Medical, a software publisher dedicated to resuscitation and intensive care.

Our goal: by the end of June, we hope to collect EUR 101,000 for the intensive care units, thanks to your donations for which you will receive a tax receipt.

Click here to participate in this fundraising and support the intensive care teams.

Thank you for your support,

The Extens Team