Extens and Sham Innovation Santé partner with Keenturtle for an AI at the service of the proper use of medicines

Back Published on 22/07/2021

Extens and Sham Innovation Santé (advised by Turenne Santé) partner with Keenturtle, the pioneer in decision support software for clinical pharmacy.

Founded in 2017, following an R&D started in 2012, Keenturtle develops PharmaClass, the only proven clinical solution with real-time detection of medicinal errors based on the characteristics of each individual patient. The personalised and contextualised decision support makes PharmaClass the perfect tool for preventing iatrogenesis and supporting pharmacists in their clinical role.

« Keenturtle’s solutions are truly emblematic of the huge step forward in patient safety and the spread of good practices. PharmaClass is about to become the reference in securing the patient pathway and the drug prescription decision support. As a pharmacist, I am delighted to take an active part in this adventure and to contribute to clinical pharmacy development. »