From Doctolib to Capsule Technologie: the great takeoff of the French e-health (Journal du Net 02/07/2021))

Back Published on 06/07/2021

Having made e-health one of its top priorities, the French government just presented "Mon espace santé", a future public service dedicated to health data management. Propelled to the French Tech big league by Doctolib and Capsule Technologies latest transactions, the e-health sector’s structuration is centred on the interoperability of health data.


In France, the e-health sector is estimated at €3 billion and is attracting more and more investors with increasingly larger transactions: in 2020, €391 million was invested in e-health companies, which is more than 7% of the French Tech.


At the crossroads of technology and health, the e-health ecosystem is still emerging in Europe when compared to the United States. The French public authorities want to develop the sector and encourage investors to join forces with local and regional authorities: the Ségur de la santé notably plans a €2 billion allocation for “e-health to no longer be restricted to insiders only”.


Valuations have been soaring for the past four years and key players in the digitalisation of the healthcare system are developing a strategy of aggregating market solutions to offer a continuum of e-health solutions. Capsule’s success is a good illustration of the importance of health data interoperability to better structure e-health and unite an ecosystem.

Optimising health data management and interoperability is the next challenge to accelerate the growth in e-health, bring out future digital health unicorns and, at last, improve health systems’ performance and patients’ health.

Arnaud Houette, article published in Le Journal du Net, 02/07/2021