Insightfull interactions during the Club Extens - CTO & CPO

Back Published on 02/05/2023

On Tuesday 25 April, Extens held its annual on-site Club Extens dedicated to the CTOs/CPOs of its portfolio companies.

The Club Extens - CTO & CPO (Chief Technology Officers and Chief Product Officers) is a unique forum exclusively reserved for representatives of the Development/Technology and Product Departments of the companies that Extens supports.

During this edition which took place at the headquarters of our partner Harmonie Mutuelle, several hot topics - strategic and operational - were discussed:
- R&D steering
- Cybersecurity
- Product Road Map Management

Numerous and insightfull peer-to-peer interactions to generate synergies and accelerate growth.

About our Club Extens

The Club Extens is a unique place to meet and exchange, exclusively developed for Extens portfolio companies. It facilitates connections between peers and encourages the sharing of best practices.

The Club community is particularly relevant because of the coherence of Extens' investment portfolio, focused on digital health, and therefore the similarity of the problems encountered by each participant. 

Extens enables its participants to benefit from all of its sector expertise and its network to accelerate value creation.