Extens supports Hoppen in the acquisition of Télécom Services

Back Published on 03/10/2019

Hoppen, the expert in digital solutions for healthcare facilities, performs a €32 million transaction and acquires Télécom Services, the leading digital TV services operator for hospitals, to become the market leader.

Hoppen completes this strategic merger with the support of two new investors, Extens and Geneo Capital Entrepreneur, its historical shareholders and a banking pool, and with the ambition of helping healthcare facilities in their digital transformation in France and other European countries.

- In Memoriam - Dominique MERCIER

We are pleased to support this industrial project that gather 300 people fully dedicated to the digital transformation of healthcare facilities. We are playing a part in forming France's leading digital services operator for hospital, which offer very innovative solutions to improve the patient intake process and the working conditions for health professionals.


- In Memoriam - Dominique MERCIER