Teranga Software renews its confidence in Extens and Bpifrance

Back Published on 13/09/2023

Extens, the investment fund specialising in healthcare software and data, and Bpifrance, are reinvesting in Teranga Software alongside the founder and key managers, who take this opportunity to increase their stake in the company.

Teranga Software is a key player in the French software market for nursing and retirement homes, with a mission to "Take care of those who take care of others". Addressing either independent structures or multi-institutions, the company developed innovative solutions suitable to all professional functions related to resident support.

Based in Paris and employing nearly 130 people, Teranga Software has developed an ergonomic software suite for nursing and retirement homes and now equips more than 3,500 institutions and services throughout France, representing more than a third of the French market. The solutions are designed to meet the needs of all related professional functions by centralising admission procedures (NETContact), supporting residents with computerised care records (NETSoins), and providing complete management of activity (NETFactu) and team planning (NETPlanning).

Teranga Software is in the best position to pursue its growth ambitions and reaffirm its mission to serve nursing and retirement homes, alongside its historical partners. Capitalising on its know-how and expertise, the company will continue to roll out its complementary, scalable solutions, tailored to support carers, caregivers, doctors, and all the teams working with dependent senior people or people with disabilities.
« It has been a great pleasure for us to follow Teranga's exceptional journey since 2018 and we are delighted, together with Bpifrance, to confirm our association with Philippe Thalamy and the brilliant team he has put in place alongside him. »