Extens acquires Imagine Human

Back Published on 16/01/2024

Extens, the specialist investor in healthcare software and data, announces the acquisition of a majority stake in Imagine Human, a leading French software provider for prevention and quality of life at work.

Imagine Human, led by Yannick Jarlaud and formerly owned by the family office Evolem, has been a significant player in risk prevention, management and quality of life at work for over two decades. The company, which now employs over 50 staff in France, serves over 1,500 clients and reaches over 4 million employees through its WinLassie® and ForMe® solutions (programs aimed at improving Quality of Life at Work).

Catering to businesses of all sizes and sectors, WinLassie is the reference software for risk prevention, risk management, and HSE (Hygiene, Safety, and Environment) matters.

To further pursue Imagine Human's trajectory, Yannick Jarlaud has chosen Extens as a partner. Extens's investment will provide operational support and additional financial resources to strengthen Imagine Human's position as a leading player in quality of life at work in France and internationally.
« The demand for quality of life at work is increasing and currently constitutes one of the main challenges for HR teams (75% consider it a major concern or an absolute priority), which allows disruptive players like Imagine Human to gain market share. We are committed to continuing the development and enhancement of WinLassie, both through organic growth and external growth, to capitalize on the software's strong position in its market. »