Record attendance for the Club Extens dedicated to CMSO

Back Published on 25/04/2024

On Wednesday 24 April, Extens had the pleasure of hosting an on-site Club Extens session dedicated to its Marketing and Sales community, which saw record attendance and great success.

Selling healthcare software requires addressing a wide range of stakeholder needs while demonstrating the value proposition in improving operational efficiency and patient care.

Under the guidance of @Albane Gayon and @Arnaud Houette, discussions delved into vital topics such as team structuring, client segmentation, lead generation, incentives, AI for marketing and communication, and CRM strategies.

The day concluded with an engaging evening cocktail, featuring industry experts who further enriched the dialogue.

About our Club Extens

The Club Extens is a unique place to meet and exchange in a friendly environment, exclusively developed for our portfolio companies. It facilitates connections between peers and encourages the sharing of best practices.

The Club community is particularly relevant as participants can relate to similar challenges they may encounter.

With a unique focus on healthcare software, Extens enables its portfolio companies to benefit from its best-in-class expertise and strategic connections to accelerate value creation.