Extens acquires Cegape, a key player in HR software and training for the Civil Service

Back Published on 30/09/2021

Extens has acquired Cegape alongside management. Cegape is the French pioneer in software solutions for the Civil Service (payroll preparation, human capital management and unemployment benefits), alongside management.

Cegape was established in 1996 and has 45 employees who take pride in contributing to the HR performance of its 1 000 clients within the three verticals of the Civil Service (public hospitals, State, local governments) and strongly believe in reconciling the values of the Civil Service and continuous HCM improvement to meet the challenges of transformation. The company offers software (Winpaie, Winpaie+RH and Indeline) and outsourcing solutions to guarantee an optimal monitoring of HCM, payroll preparation and unemployment benefits. The company also supports HR teams and managers by offering training programmes, including more than 100 HR modules (Qualiopi-certified).

Extens intends to support Cegape in its digital focalisation, the deployment of the new versions of their software and additional outsourcing services, as well as HR training programmes. There is a two-fold challenge for Extens and Cegape’s management: consolidating its position as a leader and attracting new business opportunities driven by the market dynamism and regulatory complexities.

« Cegape has the potential to become a key player, especially in HR software for the civil service of the State. With this investment, Extens is giving the company the means to develop the most advanced software and the best customer service in the market. We also believe that Cegape’s training programmes are likely to create an essential value for clients and offer great synergies with the company’s software. »